MFA Exhibit

magickal Tools of the Kabbalah

Abstract: The project was to create a roadmap for the spiritual aspirant who would walk a path within an installation setting towards the goal of attaining knowledge of God. The project consisted of eleven mixed-media religious objects. The pieces had as a basis the symbolic and philosophical doctrine of the Kabbalah (Qabalah), alchemy, and related occult arts. A variety of materials and crafts techniques were utilized, enabling me to transmit the symbolic and religious concepts contained within the project. The artwork was displayed in an installation setting, mimicking the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, so that the viewer would have a better understanding of the relationships between the individual tools while also gaining knowledge of the growth of a spiritual aspirant upon the Kabbalistic path.

The artwork was produced using a variety of sculptural and metalsmithing techniques referenced through a table of correspondences. The individual pieces were meant for religious ritual, but collectively displayed an entire philosophical doctrine as well as a path-working toward attainment of Knowledge of God. The project fully conveyed the intentions of a spiritual aspirant as well as relayed the processes such aspirants might experience throughout the quest. Many of the pieces are still available for purchase; please inquire.