Arm Candy

An Exhibit of Food as Jewelry & Body Adornment

About the exhibition

Arm Candy – An Exhibition of Food as Jewelry and Body Adornment opened June 25 at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, California, featuring thirteen international artists from five countries in an unusual exhibit of wearables, all of which have been made from edibles. In conjunction with the release of her second book, A Feast for the Eyes: Edible Art from Apple to Zucchini, Carolyn Tillie curated this one-of-a-kind showcase of gastronomically-inspired art. Due to the rarity of such a gathering, a limited edition catalogue of 100 is available.       

In the world of fine jewelry, when a particularly large gemstone is worn, phrases like, 'that is so beautiful, I could eat it up' are often used. This exhibit brought together artists who have reimagined the concept of jewelry or body adornment in relation to actual food. It is with this in mind that curator Carolyn Tillie has brought together thirteen artists’ work, all of whom have utilized real food in their creations.


Opening Reception