Arm Candy - An Exhibition of Food as Jewelry and Body Adornment catalogue.

Arm Candy Cover.jpg
Arm Candy Cover.jpg

Arm Candy - An Exhibition of Food as Jewelry and Body Adornment catalogue.


40-page, full color catalogue produced in conjunction with Arm Candy - An Exhibition of Food as Jewelry & Body Adornment, held at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley, California from June 25 to July 16, 2019. With introductions by curator Carolyn Tillie and noted food historian Ken Albala, the show featured thirteen artists from five countries. Printing limited to 100 copies.

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Artists included:

  • Gerhard Petzl from Geneva Switzerland, Master Chocolatier of the Year for 2017, presents a version of chocolate nyotaimori, edible food on a naked body.

  • Hratch Babikian, Lebanese-born now residing in Philadelphia shared some little-known, privately-held jewelry made from his personal memories.

  • U.K.-based interdisciplinary artist, Rachael Colley, teaches at the Sheffield Institute of Arts and who recently exhibited her work in the 5 Elements Exhibition at the Hong Kong Design Institute as well as the Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy collective.

  • Margaret Dorfman who has gained fame developing a proprietary method of turning fruits and vegetables into parchment which is then fashioned into bowls, platters, and jewelry.

  • Divya Iver, an Indian-born, Chicago-based baker, commissioned by the curator to create a one-of-a-kind, edible representation of Indian bridal jewelry.

  • Claire McArdle from New South Wales, Australia challenges viewers with work from her Gilty series: Is it just a piece to be perceived with available knowledge and accepted for its form and known materiality?

  • Elegant and tonal kimonos created from used coffee filters by Lucia Matzger, who was born in the Netherlands, is showcased.

  • Rachel Shimpock, whose sobriquet, Kitchensmith, perfectly blends her metalsmithing skills with gastronomic zeal.

  • For almost twenty-five years, Debbie Tuch has been encasing dehydrated fruit slices, international candies, and favorite cereals in glittzerized resin.

  • Silversmith and educator Logan Woodle instils his southern charm, sensibility and humor in decidedly elegant brooches.

  • Donald Friedlich’s work is world renown, found in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Corning Museum of Glass LACMA, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum, just to name a few.

  • Barbara Uderzo, who flew in from italy for the opening reception, provides the Arm Candy cover image as well as her ephemeral chocolate, marshmallow, and licorice wearables.